Fertile Matters aims to encourage women and men to take a proactive interest in their fertility

A new fertility service aiming to encourage women and men to prioritise awareness of their fertility has been launched by Fertile Matters. Fertility checks are generally not available on request from the NHS and have traditionally been associated with people who have already discovered that they have problems conceiving. Fertile Matters offers a comprehensive and co-ordinated service to ensure that patients will get their results quickly and at an affordable price. This allows anybody who is considering a family in the future to be aware of their fertility status, enabling them to act earlier should issues arise.

CEO and founder, Marje Isabelle, who has experienced fertility issues herself, believes that women and men should be proactive in finding out about their fertility. She says:
“Like many women, I didn’t start thinking about starting a family until I was in my 30s. Sadly, I had problems conceiving and finally discovered that I had a serious underlying health issue. In hindsight, I wish there had been a service that could have tracked my fertility before I was interested in getting pregnant. Testing would have flagged up any anomalies and resulted in earlier intervention and provided me with the necessary information to make decisions around my fertility. We know that couples are leaving it ever later to have children due to financial, social or relationship pressures and age correlates to declining fertility. Instead of being in the dark about fertility and risking their chance of having children, we advocate knowing and charting fertility levels so that people can make informed choices in planning for the future.”

Fertile Matters offer female clients and their partners a range of tests that will allow them to have an accurate view of their current fertility, whilst annual testing will track how their fertility is being affected by time. Women will be able to find out what their fertility status is within about two weeks, and for men it is quicker. Patients are given access to all of their test data to share with other healthcare professionals.

Mike Crossley, Chief Operating Officer and co-founder said:
“Comprehensive fertility testing is not readily available on the NHS for people who haven’t already demonstrated problems with conceiving. And even then, it can be a long, slow process and private clinics are often unwilling to pass your data between institutions without charging. At Fertile Matters we aim to make the process simple, quick and affordable and where necessary refer people to other experts to assist with medical or lifestyle issues. Our comprehensive approach means we are able to provide consistent support in their fertility journey.”

The price for Fertile Matters female comprehensive testing is £495.