New advances in fertility testing, means that women can discover how fertile they are within a week...

BBC newsreader Kate Silverton has become the latest high-profile woman to warn of ‘leaving it too late’ to start a family. In an interview with The Evening Standard, Kate’s comments follow on from similar remarks made by Kirsty Allsopp earlier in the year.

Most women have no idea how fertile they are until they actively start trying to have a baby, but medical advances in fertility testing means that it’s very quick, simple and affordable for women to get their fertility tested. New tests mean that a woman can have an appointment at any time (previously it was confined to day three of the menstrual cycle), at which she will have a blood test and a trans-vaginal scan, and after a week when the results of the blood test are ready, she will know her current fertility status.

Marje Isabelle, founder and CEO of Fertile Matters said:

“There is no reason for any woman, who thinks that she might want children in the future, to not have these simple tests done. We are used to having other regular health checks done like eye tests, and cholesterol and blood pressure, yet fertility, isn’t yet seen as an area that warrants this attention. Not only is fertility a really important issue for both men and women, it is also an indicator of overall health – poor fertility is often a sign that there are problems elsewhere in the body or with general diet and lifestyle issues. We really welcome women like Kate, who have a high-profile, bringing this issue to the fore.”

Fertile Matters offers a fertility assessment service which makes it very easy to find out your fertility status. Women can book in for a comprehensive fertility assessment on any day of the month at any time of their menstrual cycle.

The price for Fertile Matters female comprehensive testing is £495.