When the story broke last October about Facebook and Apple offering egg freezing as part of female employee benefits, we were quick to point out that this is not an easy option for women simply looking to delay motherhood.

And recently, there has been a new report from the Centre for Human Reproduction in New York which has been widely reported in the media, stating that the freezing and thawing process reduces the chance of a successful IVF cycle.

As we have said, if you are facing a serious illness and the treatment could make you infertile, then egg freezing could your best option for fertility preservation. But it is a complex issue which cannot be entered into lightly and for most women, without serious health issues, fertility testing and tracking makes much sense, is much less invasive and will have a higher likelihood of leading to a live birth.

Marje Isabelle CEO of Fertile Matters said:

“Whilst we agree that egg freezing is a wonderful technique to have in the fertility armoury, for most women, putting in place long-term fertility plans which will help with starting a family at some point in the future, as well as ensuring general overall health, is a much better plan. There’s no doubt that techniques are advancing all the time and we are still learning a lot about fertility and assisted procedures, but egg freezing has a relatively low-success rate at the moment and women should not rely on it as a way of delaying motherhood – discovering and tracking your fertility is a much more reliable method.”

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