So we all know that women have a ‘fertility window’ and that their ‘clock starts ticking’ at some point in their thirties. But new research has thrown new light on the male fertility window.

As older men have always fathered children, it was assumed that fertility was not affected by age, or at least not by any huge amount. However new research has indicated that many men can be at risk of significantly reduced fertility by the age of 45.

Dr. WIlliam Schoolcraft who established the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine in Colorado and The National Foundation for Fertility Research, says:

"We know men father pregnancies in their 50s, 60s and 70s which doesn't happen with women but as a man ages, the sperm can have spontaneous chromosomal mutations that can lead to issues with the children."

Schoolcraft says there is no specific age when the quality of the DNA starts to falter. He says the increase in chromosomal problems is gradual and they are doing additional research to try and identify men over 45 who are at risk.

So maybe men are more like women and their fertility issues after all, and just as we advocate that women should have their fertility tested and tracked on an annual basis, so should men. You can read all about Dr Schoolcraft and his work here

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