Here we will bring you the latest information about what we are doing at Fertile Matters as well as news from around the world about fertility. Fertile Matters is a fertility clinic which advocates a new approach to fertility testing.

Traditionally, people have only had their fertility tested when they already suspect that they have a problem, because they have experienced issues with conceiving. However, Fertile Matters strongly believes that women and men, should take a proactive interest in their fertility, if they think that they may want children at any time in the future. This will allow individuals and couples to make informed decisions about when they might like to start a family. This is particularly relevant to society today, as more and more couples are delaying starting a family, often due to student debt, expensive housing , as well as to lifestyle issues. Fertile Matters can ensure that you discover your current fertility status, quickly and easily (and at an affordable cost) and you can then choose to track your fertility on an annual basis.